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Pastoral Care

LearningSupport We hope to support students into becoming strong, robust and caring adults who will embrace the challenges of work and adulthood. In order to secure this aim we provide the following support for all students:

Mentoring groups

All students upon enrolling will be assigned a mentoring teacher who will support students with their studies, be the person who will help the student with any personal worries or concerns

When students arrive in school each day, they go to their mentoring group. The mentor teacher takes the attendance and reads the notices for the day.

Behaviour Management

The school has a strong behaviour management system, with clearly defined rules set to establish a smooth running, safe and positive learning environment. We actively promote and participate in Restorative practices.

Celebrating Cultural Diversity

Our school encourages all students to respect and understand the different cultures that make up New Zealand society, and especially this community in which we live. We strive to ensure the experiences, cultural traditions, histories and languages of all New Zealanders are recognized and valued.

Service to the Community

Students are encouraged to make a contribution to school and the community outside the classroom.

Parental Involvement and Support

We share responsibility for children’s education with you. Children learn best when what is being taught at home is reinforced by what they are learning at school and vice versa.

We welcome your involvement and participation in your child’s activities. Feel free, at any time, to contact us to discuss your child’s progress and learning.