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Sponsored Swim February 2015

Sponsored Swim February 2015

We are a small Area School in the heart of one of the most spectacular locations in the Coromandel with pristine beaches, rugged hillsides and expansive ranges. The school sits atop a low hill and looks out over scenic Coromandel Harbour.

The campus itself is green and inviting. Several acres of playing fields, plus two dedicated playground areas, provide plenty of opportunities for students to relax and enjoy various types of sport and recreation.

In addition to 16 general classroom teaching spaces, we also have specialist teaching and learning areas, including:

  • Science Laboratory
  • Visual Arts Room
  • Food and FabricĀ  Technology Room
  • Wood and Metal Materials Workshop
  • Music Room
  • Library and Information Centre
  • Virtual Learning Network Suite
  • Combined Hall & Gymnasium
  • Community Swimming Complex and Events Centre on the school grounds
  • Administration Block
  • Dedicated Kiwi Can Room (sponsored by Sanford Ltd)
  • Students Common Room
  • International Students Room