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Room 1


Kia Ora Whanau,

Welcome to Room One.

In 2017 Room One is for children who are new entrants and year one students. The classroom programme is designed to be responsive to individual children’s learning needs, so your child will be learning at his or her own pace, with regular assessments, reviews of learning and next learning steps to ensure that their time at school is as fruitful as possible.

Parent interviews to discuss your child’s learning take place six and twelve months after they start school. However I am available at any time to discuss your child. Please make an appointment if you feel you need more than a quick chat.


Primary School day, Room 1

In Room 1 we modify the normal school day to suit the needs of these young learners.

School begins at 9:00am, with a ‘get ready’ bell ringing at 8:55.  Please have your children at school and ready to start by 8.50am.  This gives your child a chance to write their name on the board, put away their book bags and say hello to their friends and teacher.

School finishes at 3:05 pm Monday to Thursday and at 2:15pm on Fridays.

Our school day is divided in the following way:

8:55                        Go to classroom, prepare for learning

9:00am                  School starts

10:00 – 10:10       Fruit break (in classroom)

11:00                      Morning tea (supervised with the class)

11:10  – 11:30       Playtime

12:25-12:35          Children eat lunch in the classroom

1:30-2:15               Playtime

3:05                        School ends (2:15 on Fridays)


Structure of learning time

The programme is very structured with the first hour on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday being dedicated to ‘Exploring Time’, this is an oral-language and social skills focussed part of the day. The rest of the morning is focussed on Writing, Reading, Handwriting, Phonics and Maths.  In the afternoons we have assemblies, visits to the library, and theme based activities: Science, Social Studies, Technology, P.E, Art, Music, Dance or Drama. As the timetable varies from term-to-term, exact details can be discussed with Whaea Elaine. The current class timetable and the daily activities timetable are on display in the classroom.

Every second Tuesday morning a specialist  Music teacher works with Room 1, alternating with instruction in Te Reo in the other week.

We base our student learning plans on assessment of student needs and strengths and as far as possible develop individual learning programmes. Students who require extra learning support are referred for this via the school’s Special Learning Needs Committee.

Primary School assembly takes place in the KiwiCan room every Tuesday at 2:15 . You are welcome to come to assembly – please check with Whaea Elaine.

There is a timetable and weekly plan on display in room 1.  Please make it your business to check the timetable and noticeboard regularly so you can keep up to date with our busy school days.


How can you help?

Parent/grandparent/caregiver helpers are always welcome.  I appreciate the help that those who can commit to being a regular helper at a scheduled time can give, or who can volunteer for some of the extra jobs that help keep the classroom running smoothly. If you would like to help in the classroom, please talk to me. If there is anybody available for a regular once-a week job please also see me – this may be filing reading books in the reading room, gluing the weekly poem into poetry books or sharpening pencils on Monday morning. At the end of the day, there will often be a box on the table outside the class with various cutting out and gluing jobs – I really appreciate the extra help.

It is very helpful if you can help cover the sandpit while you are waiting for your child at the end of the day

Whether you bring younger siblings along when you are parent-helper depends on how active the sibling is. Some young children are happy to play quietly or join in whatever is happening in the classroom, while some would find this very difficult. I trust your judgement. If a younger child does create a little havoc, please tidy up after them.

If any of you have a particular skill or interest that might be helpful to us, please let me know (eg drawing, music).



Reading books are sent home Monday to Thursday, with a poem book on Fridays (for shared reading with you over the weekend).  Please be patient and enthusiastic when you are listening to your child read and make this a fun session.  It is great if you can pop a comment into their notebook on how they managed the book.  There may also be reading  sight-words  to practise and, as their writing becomes more proficient, some children will begin to bring home spelling words to learn. The key to helping with reading and sight-word practise is to ensure that they are looking at the words they are reading – get them to point to the word as they say it.

There will occasionally be Maths homework, but this will be optional, and will relate to home in some way (for example  identifying items in the pantry, drawing a map of the section, or plan of the house.)

Your child will receive an username and password for the online IXL Maths programme.  This is paid for out of school funds. Please make full use of it.

Please make sure your child has their book bag ready for school every day with reading/poetry book and any other work sent home.



If your child requires medication (eg Asthma medication) please let me know, but hand the medication in to the office in a named plastic bag. The child will be sent to the office when they need to use the medication. Antibiotics will not be administered at school.

Due to the close environment in the classroom, illness can pass very quickly from one child to another. PLEASE keep your child home if they are unwell. Email me or ring the school office to explain their absence.


Food and Drink

As you will have noted above, we have a fruit break at 10:00am. Please ensure that your child has a piece of raw fruit or vegetable, dried fruit, nuts or unflavoured popcorn in their lunchbox.  No other food will be eaten at fruit break time (including muesli bars and fruit leathers.) This is only a 10 minute break, so it is helpful if oranges can be already segmented, and any fruit/vegetables that might be difficult to handle are prepared so they can be eaten quickly.

Please supply a named bottle of water to keep in the tray in the classroom. Any juice drinks must be kept in children’s lunchboxes to be consumed at playtime or lunchtime.

We encourage healthy choices in lunchboxes, so no sweets or chocolate bars please. (It is also worth noting that many muesli bars are little more than fat and sugar – it is worth reading the labels to see how much fat and sugar are in them.)

Children’s Possessions

Please ensure that clothing is named so it can be readily returned to your child if it is left in the playground. Although children often like to bring toys or special things for news in the classroom, there is always the danger of these things being lost. I endeavour to keep special possessions safe in the child’s tote-tray, but cannot guarantee this.



Parents in Partnership (PIP)

We have a group of parents who organise and run fundraising for the school, including the Celtic Fair. They are always looking for new members and everyone is welcome. Meetings are in the staff room on the 1st Monday of each month at 7pm. If you would like more information please ask Whaea Vicki or contact Jocelyn James or Lionel Parsloe.


Assessments and Parent-Teacher Interviews.

Assessments are done regularly and reported to parents at Parent Teacher Interviews. These take place every six months for the first 3 years of your child’s school life. You will be invited to an interview by the class teacher. You are welcome to bring your child to the interview. Of course we are very happy meet you at any time to discuss your child’s learning.

Please feel free to talk to me, make an appointment, or email me if there are questions you have, or matters which you want to discuss.


Ka kite,

Whaea Elaine