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First Wheelsday Big Success

On Friday 16 March we had our very first Wheelsday. Kids from years 1 through 5 were able to bring their choice of wheels – bicycles, scooters, skateboards, etc. while students from years 6-13 had a triathlon in the afternoon.

Two courses were marked out – one shorter course over paved tracks and a longer one around the large sports fields.

The day started with a briefing and a safety briefing and vehicle check by Dylan from the local Police. Then the kids walked the two course before they finally set off to ride them. Except for a few minor crashes due to excessive speed everyone had a lot of fun.

Overall it was a great event that emphasised health, safety, teamwork, and simply just the fun of riding on your wheels. No doubt Wheelsday will become a firm component of the school year.

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