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Change to current school uniform.

You spoke and we listened. Change to current school uniform. From now on all new enrollments for Year 7-10 will be asked to purchase a black/gold polo for their school top, instead of the current white shirt. All current Y7-10 students have the option to remain in the white shirt, or buy a new polo. The change will be phased in for current Y7-10 students, so that parents do not have to go and buy a new one right now. For a while there may be a mix of old and new tops being worn. 
These polos are available at The Warehouse in Thames & the cost is:
Small – 2XL = $44.99 
Size 8-16 = $39.99

All Y11-13 students are still required to wear the white shirt. This new uniform will identify our middle years students.

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